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“Michigan girl with disability triggers invention that’s sweeping the globe”

  • Absolutely love this!

  • I saw a video a friend shared with me about your coat. I too have cerebral palsy and use a power wheelchair. This coat would be wonderful for me to have, because its really hard for me to get a coat on while sitting in my wheelchair

  • My kiddo loves it and he always comes warm and cozy in it!

  • I am giddy for this product! I am not a parent of an x-abled person myself but my cousin is. I tagged her about your amazing daughter and she was thrilled! She struggles to make sure her daughter is covered adequately enough with blankets when she takes her to school and other activities. They live in Colorado, where the weather isn't much different than ours.

  • Love love love these coats!

  • Just ordered one for my son! So excited! Thank you!

  • Brilliant!!! I need one for my Mom!!!

  • This product is amazing!! Working with special needs kids, you come across so many challenges...kudos to you for finding an amazing solution!

  • I received the bodycoat and just wanted to let you know that my daughter is thrilled. It helps her a lot when transferring her son from the van to the wheelchair. It’s cold here in Iowa! Thank you! 

  • Received my coat today! Love it and thank you!!! I’m now able to go out with spasticity from the cold affecting me less!


Watch The Video That Started It All!

When Jennifer Harrison posted a video on Facebook in 2017, showing the specialized wheelchair bodycoat she made for her daughter Zoey — she never dreamed that it would generate over 11.7 million views.

After receiving hundreds of thousands of likes and over 25,000 requests to purchase the coat, Harrison took the initiative to turn this viral sensation into a business.

And just like that, X-Ability bodycoats were born!

Designed to keep children, adults and seniors warm and comfortable while using wheelchairs, X-Ability bodycoats come in a wide array of styles, colors and sizes. Perfect for all seasons, these one-of-a-kind bodycoats are fashionable, functional and affordable.

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Wheelchair Bodycoats | Warmth, Comfort & Functionality

Born and created out of love, X-Ability bodycoats help wheelchair-bound children, adults and seniors stay warm, dry and comfortable — while still looking stylish!

“Mommy, will you make me something that keeps me warm at recess? My blankets fall and don’t stay tucked in so cold air hits me.”

When X-Ability Founder Jennifer Harrison’s daughter Zoey first spoke these words, they inspired Mom into action. After failing to find an affordable product that would keep her daughter warm, tidy and looking stylish, Harrison’s frustration sparked innovation. Less than a year later — after a video showing the handmade bodycoat she sewed for Zoey received over 11.6 million Facebook views and thousands of requests to buy one — Harrison knew she was on to something.

And just like that, a 10-year old girl’s plea for help and a Mom’s determination to make her disabled daughter’s life easier — built a business designed to help people!

The X-Ability bodycoat offers warmth, comfort and functionality in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes that meet the unique needs of wheelchair-bound individuals. Click here to find your bodycoat now.

With stylish and comfortable garments suitable for all four seasons, X-Ability bodycoats remain the perfect option for individuals, adult foster homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, stroller users and even short-term mobility customers following surgeries or injuries.

For more information about wheelchair bodycoats from X-Ability, please contact us here.

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