About X-Ability Wheelchair Bodycoats

X-Ability’s stylish wheelchair bodycoat exists to help you to conquer the elements for mobility.

Our primary goal remains simple: Helping you look good — and stay comfortable, warm and dry — so you can experience all of life’s simple joys without limitations.

For X-Ability founder Jennifer Harrison, helping others and sharing has always been a deeply ingrained part of her personality. So, when blessed with the opportunity to turn a simple desire to help her daughter into an online clothing business, she went all in!

Harrison and her husband John have been happily married for 24 years. In that time, they have given birth to two beautiful daughters and have adopted 9 children — including Zoey, the inspiration for the X-Ability Bodycoat.

Raising their large family in a small town in Central Michigan, the Harrisons’ commitment to family and community proves that hard work, dedication and a-whole-lotta-love makes all the difference in the lives they touch.

When Jennifer posted a video of Zoey wearing a hand-sewn Bodycoat prototype on Facebook, it was only meant to be an instructional video for Zoey’s caregivers. Instead, it immediately went viral, surpassing 11 million views from just that one post. Jennifer quickly realized that her invention could help so many other people. Now, just one year later, the masses can experience Zoey’s joy for this revolutionary, one-of-a-kind product.

We are dedicated to creating a high-quality product designed to keep you or your little ones warm, dry and able to go shopping, attend events and participate in recess with everyone else.

For more information about X-Ability bodycoats, or to shop for a bodycoat, please contact us here.

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