• Absolutely love this!

  • I saw a video a friend shared with me about your coat. I too have cerebral palsy and use a power wheelchair. This coat would be wonderful for me to have, because its really hard for me to get a coat on while sitting in my wheelchair

  • My kiddo loves it and he always comes warm and cozy in it!

  • I am giddy for this product! I am not a parent of an x-abled person myself but my cousin is. I tagged her about your amazing daughter and she was thrilled! She struggles to make sure her daughter is covered adequately enough with blankets when she takes her to school and other activities. They live in Colorado, where the weather isn't much different than ours.

  • Love love love these coats!

  • Just ordered one for my son! So excited! Thank you!

  • Brilliant!!! I need one for my Mom!!!

  • I received my daughter’s coat this week and we used it today going to town. I love it. I didn’t have to worry about her quilts flying off and her being warm enough. When we got home and out of her chair she was warm and toasty.

  • Last year I saw a Facebook video about bodycoats and I contacted X-Ability to see if I could order a coat. The coats were not being sold yet but the owner Jennifer responded to me immediately and a prototype coat was made and shipped directly to me. Seriously, it has been the best thing for my daughter Sophie. One who doesn't have experience with someone using a wheelchair, may think "just use a blanket!" The problem with that is the blanket falls off and gets stuck under the wheels every time we use it. Sophie will also take the blanket and throw it off of her, you know, her new favorite game! With this bodycoat she is able to stay warm and safe in her wheelchair while waiting for the bus as well as on and off the bus. More importantly Sophie is able to enjoy being outside in the cold, in the snow, with her peers! Without this bodycoat getting Sophie ready to go outside would take more time and effort than what it might be worth. Sophie loves this bodycoat. I seriously take it outside, lay it on her wheelchair, put her straps through the amazing openings Jennifer perfectly placed and sit Sophie in and zip her up. It's that simple. Once Sophie grows out of this coat (it will be a few years because I bought bigger than needed) I will absolutely, without hesitation buy another one. X-Ability has a customer and a supporter for life! Thes coats are a gift that can help more children or adults be included in everyday activities. When someone uses the phrase "game changer" this is one of the items I think of!

  • We LOVE our coat. It is a brilliant idea and I thank you for making it available. Well done!

  • I get my bodycoat next month. Can't wait! So many people don't realize how cold you get in a wheelchair. You are sitting and not generating body heat to keep warm.

  • I love the bodycoat — this is something we have struggled with for years with my daughter!

  • Just received our bodycoat today!! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • This product is amazing!! Working with special needs kids, you come across so many challenges...kudos to you for finding an amazing solution!

  • I received the bodycoat and just wanted to let you know that my daughter is thrilled. It helps her a lot when transferring her son from the van to the wheelchair. It’s cold here in Iowa! Thank you! 

  • Received my coat today! Love it and thank you!!! I’m now able to go out with spasticity from the cold affecting me less!

  • These coats are the type of things that make a life easier for everyone! No time wasted, just quick and ready to go! Great product!

  • Yay! We just received our coat! We love it!

  • I cannot wait to get ours for my niece! This is such a great thing for these kiddos and adults!

  • Congratulations I know you have made a lot of kids and parents very happy finding a coat to fit in or around a wheelchair is a real pain thank you!

  • Love our new coat!

  • Still in love with ours. Wheelchair services absolutely said it was by far one of the coolest things they have seen when we went in for an adjustment.

  • They are awesome!!!! I just may have to get another!

  • I ordered one of the wheelchair coats (very pretty pink) and the gloves and hat for my niece's 6-year old who suffers from a condition called CDKL5. She has seizures that started when she was 3 months old. She is unable to walk or talk and has trouble controlling her limbs. This coat has been a godsend. She gets zipped up and her restless legs are no longer an issue. She stays warm and toasty. Such a simple thing that makes such a huge difference. It was delivered I think just a few days after I ordered it. I was very pleased with that as she needs it now. She looks adorable in it and seems to like it a lot. Thank you so much.

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