Bodycoat FAQ

Are the full bodycoat sizes based on normal USA sizing?

Sizes for the full bodycoat are one size larger than normal USA sizing to ensure comfort, functionality and increased mobility. Be sure to check measurements prior to purchase.

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Why are the measurements larger than a normal size coat I would buy?

Sizes for the full bodycoat are larger to make it easier to place occupants into the bodycoat, to account for extra layers being worn under the bodycoat and for general comfort.

Sizes for the mid-length bodycoats are based on normal USA sizing, similar to coats you might buy in a retail store. Be sure to check measurements prior to purchase.

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My loved one has rigid and stiff limbs; will I be able to get their arms in?

Yes, larger sizing for the full bodycoats makes it easier for individuals with stiff limbs to get into the bodycoat.

If ordering a mid-length bodycoat, be sure to order a size larger than he or she would normally wear. Be sure to check measurements prior to purchase.

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I measure longer than the full bodycoats; are longer options available?

Yes. We plan to have longer full bodycoats available in the future.

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Will you offer more colors and styles in the future?

For our pre-sale and beginning lines, limited colors and styles are available. As we grow, we will be able to offer many more options.

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Do you offer coats for all seasons?

Yes, we are currently running a winter presale line and we will be adding rain, wind and heavy winter options in the near future.

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Does your coat have an opening for a feeding tube?

Yes. There are openings in each side of each bodycoat, and either of these will work for a feeding tube or other apparatus.

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My child drools a lot, will this soak into the material easily?

The material in the current winter line is water resistant, fast drying and lightweight. It is also easy to wipe down.

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Why did my full bodycoat come with Velcro on the foot flap instead of buttons?

Since those photos were taken — based on feedback from test customers — we replaced buttons with Velcro. In addition to lowering the cost of our coats, Velcro lasts longer than buttons.

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Can I purchase a special order coat for my child who has only one arm?

Yes. We are more than happy to accommodate special orders. Please call our toll free number during business hours or email us specific details of your needs.

While we will try to accommodate all requests, please keep in mind that special orders are based on individual needs and may in some cases include additional costs.

For more answers to your questions about X-Ability products, please contact us here or call our toll free number at 833.876.4960.

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