How To Donate

Thanks to the generous and overwhelming outpouring of support we have received since launching our company last year, we continually strive to make it easier for those in need to enjoy the benefits of owning an X-Ability bodycoat.

As our founder Jennifer Harrison has said: “If I had a million dollars, I would give these things away.”

Unfortunately, since she doesn’t have millions to spare — and has 11 children at home to feed — we try to help those in need who cannot afford a bodycoat through donations from individuals, groups, corporations and foundations willing to help.

Although we’ve vowed to keep our bodycoats and other products affordable, many of our customers are still unable to make a purchase without full or partial assistance.

If you would like to help someone enjoy the life-changing benefits of any of our products, we offer three ways for you to get involved:

1. Purchase a coat directly for an individual

Simply find the item you want to purchase and add it to your cart. When finalizing your purchase, be sure to use your info for the billing address and the recipient’s info for the shipping address. Click here to shop now.

2. Give a specific dollar amount through our secure website.

No matter how much you donate, we will use 100% of your donation to purchase a bodycoat or related product for an individual in need that has reached out to us for assistance. Simply add your donation to your order on the checkout page.

3. Purchase coats for a facility, group or organization

If you would like your donation to go directly to a specific group of individuals, or to be available for individuals in need within that group, please indicate the group you wish to support when making your financial donation. Simply add your donation to your order on the checkout page.

From our entire team and from all of those in need of your support, your generosity is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your support.

You are making a difference.

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