New Tech Makes Warm Coats Thinner

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Staying warm in the winter used to mean wearing bulky and uncomfortable coats over layers of clothing. Not anymore, thanks to the new down, higher-density fill — designed to make coats thinner without sacrificing warmth.

Down comes from a bird’s plumage. Plumage is the soft undercoat between the tough feathers and underbelly. Plumage mainly comes from ducks and geese, with mature bird’s producing a larger plumage. Large plumage produces tightly-packed down, which results in a higher-density fill material. Higher-density fill power increases as plumage increases.

As demonstrated in the chart above, the higher numbers correspond with warmer items. The chart does not show, however, that higher Fill Power equals higher down density. This filling creates a thinner coat. Almost too good to be true, this new technology makes coats thinner and warmer.

Down coats provide warmth through insulation, which traps heat from your body, and prevents it from escaping into the cold. Thermodynamics state that heat always moves from a hotter region to a colder region to achieve equilibrium. Body heat constantly moves out, into the air, away from your body. Insulation serves as a barrier between your body and the outside air, retaining precious heat.

Down comes from duck and geese, but each bird yields only a small amount: typically, about 100 grams per bird. Even then, a small fraction of the 100 grams includes the acceptable quality needed for a high fill power down product. Down coats with a higher fill power reach a higher quality, making them well worth an investment for individuals looking to stay warm throughout the cold winter months.

For more information about higher-density fill power coats from the experts at X-Ability, please contact us here.

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