3 Reasons To Strap In Your Wheelchair Bodycoat

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The adaptive design of X-Ability’s wheelchair bodycoat allows you to strap the coat right to your wheelchair or stroller for easy access.

While you also have the option to not strap in your wheelchair bodycoat, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider it.

Comfort: When you are out and about in rain or snow, strapping the coat into your chair will keep your body  — and the straps on your chair — warm and dry.

Accessibility: When you reach your destination, for either a long or short stay, simply unzip the coat and flip it open with nothing extra to carry all day!

Functionality: Since your coat will be strapped to your chair, it will be ready to use when you need it. No more clumsy poncho that gets you wet when removed, and no more tangled blankets and shivering.

While there may be times when strapping in is not the best option, you should consider using your bodycoats nylon-reinforced strap openings as often as you can.

No matter how you use it, your bodycoat will also help you stay warm and comfortable in all types of harsh weather. No more changing your wet clothes due to wind, rain and snow. Your comfort is just a zip and a flip away!

For more information about your wheelchair bodycoat straps from the experts at X-Ability, please contact us here.

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